Stripper repeatedly hits man in face after he told her to lose weight, Myrtle Beach police say

Google Maps Street View of Derriere's.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WNCN) – A 23-year-old man was hit repeatedly in the face by a dancer at a Myrtle Beach strip club after telling her she needed to lose weight, NBC affiliate WMBF reported.

The incident happened early Sunday morning at Derriere’s Gentleman’s Club, Myrtle Beach police and WMBF reported.

According to reports, the man told police the dancer was “annoying” and “kept trying to talk to [me].” He then told the dancer that she should “go to the gym and lose weight.”

After telling the dancer to lose weight, she reached off the stage and hit the man in the face four times before bouncers dragged him out of the club, according to reports. The man told police the bouncers were unnecessarily rough with him.

The man told officers that he was drunk during the altercation and rated his intoxication level as an “11 out of 10,” WMBF reported.

When asked if he could identify the dancer that hit him, he described her as a white female, about 115 to 120 pounds in weight, with long black hair and a “muffin top.”

Reports show that police saw signs of injury consistent with being hit and the man told police that the dancer was wearing a ring while she hit him.

The man told police that he took the night to think about what happened and then decided to contact them and report the incident, WMBF reported. The man said he wasn’t interested in pressing charges but only wanted to file the report.

A witness told police that he saw the dancer strike the victim in the face, but did not hear what was said. Police attempted to conduct a follow-up at the incident location, but Derriere’s was closed, WMBF reported.

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