New VA center opens in Fayetteville to address backlog of nearly 600 Vets

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Fayetteville opened its new VA center earlier this month. Officials hope the facility will improve patient care.

The new center is 250,000 square feet. There are more than 1800 parking spots outside. Inside, there’s state of the art technology and lots of space.

Dr. Robert Cummings of Fayetteville’s VA said “this facility gives us the advantage of having enough space to be able to expand our services over the next three years.”

The facility houses many outpatient services formerly provided at the Ramsey street campus. Services include primary care, mental health, a woman’s center and pharmacy.

Veterans we spoke to say there are still a few kinks that need to be addressed.

Calvin Jones said “you can call up here now and a lot of times you can’t get through.”

By early next year, the facility hopes to staff 40 primary care physicians.

Officials say that will address the backlog of nearly 600 vets awaiting service.

“We will have probably 2500 open care slots,” Cummings said.

Gary Quick came as a walk in Monday. He needed authorization for shoulder surgery. He was out in one hour.

Fayetteville’s VA system is believed to be the fastest growing in the country. Clinics in Jacksonville and Sampson county are on the way.

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