Wife in Johnston Co. murder-suicide was ‘nervous’ about husband’s behavior, documents show

CLAYTON, N.C. (WNCN) – Authorities investigating a murder-suicide in Johnston County that occurred Monday night have released the names of the husband and wife involved.

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The shooting was reported before 10 p.m. at a home at 119 Bentley Way near Millstone Drive outside Clayton.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office said the victims are 45-year-old Jennifer Summers and 46-year-old Michael Summers. Deputies said Michael Summers shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.

Documents obtained by WNCN show that Jennifer Summers had taken out a domestic violence protective order back in May, but voluntarily dismissed the order on June 5. The couple separated on May 25.

Documents show that the couple married in March of 1993 and separated on May 25.

“I am not sleeping, nervous about his behavior and anger reactions during nighttime,” Jennifer Summers wrote of her husband in court documents.

Summers detailed an incident she had with her husband.

“He forced me out me out of our bedroom pushing me and stated I had to leave,” Jennifer Summers wrote.

On May 25, Jennifer Summers said her husband slapped her across her face for no reason. Documents also showed that the Summers two sons, ages 16 and 11, witnessed some of the incidents and fled to a neighbor’s house for shelter.

“He then told me to get out of the house, my children crying and witnessing the discourse,” Jennifer Summers expressed of her husband. ” My children are both nervous and worried about how their father is going to react to me,” she added.

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Tammy Amaon said the incident was a “murder-suicide due to an ongoing domestic between the husband and wife of that residence.”

Jennifer Summers obtained a restraining order against her husband, then asked nine days later that it be dismissed.

“This is one of those cases where she decided to drop the restraining order and go to custody court,” said Wilma Hampton, who aids domestic violence victims at Harbor of Johnston County.

Records show the Summers entered into a custody agreement the day after the protective order was dismissed.

“It takes care of the matter in court but doesn’t give you the protection you need,” said Hampton. “That’s what a lot of women don’t understand. You leave yourself unprotected.”

The custody order said Jennifer Summers was to have her boys for Thanksgiving on odd years — like 2015.

The teenage son of the victims posted on social media asking for readers to “tell your parents you love them.”

The boy went on to say in part, “Celebrate the holidays with your families. Because you don’t know when or how quick everything (you) know and love can be taken from you.”

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