Naughty & Nice: Consumer Reports annual list names big companies

Target in Campbell, Calif. (KRON)

Consumer Reports is out with its sixth annual “naughty and nice list,” designed to give consumers insight on which companies are taking good care of their customers.

Those making Consumer Reports’ “nice” list this year include CVS, which already boasts almost 1,000 walk-in medical clinics and plans to expand its wellness commitment this fall to include hearing centers and professional optical services at select stores.

JetBlue also made the list for its fly-fi service which offers free broadband in the sky for travelers.

Target is also included. The retailer has enacted several policy revisions that benefit consumers, including expanding its price-match policy to include all major in-store and online competitors.

On the naughty side: Fed-Ex and UPS for charging fuel surcharges and Sprint and Verizon for unauthorized billing. Volkswagen also made the list for the recent accusations surrounding emissions testing.

See who else made the lists here:


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