NC preschoolers help decide top toys for the holidays

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – Christmas is a month away and that means many parents are wondering what toys to get their children for Christmas.


What better way to decide which toy is best for your child than from children themselves?

Preschoolers from the Goddard School in Chapel Hill tested out multiple toys to determine which ones will make the best gifts this year.

“I, as a parent [with] two boys, really look forward to this list. It gives us the fun components and the learning,” said Seema Naik, the school’s owner.

Naik says the process is fun and it gives kids a chance to use their wildest imaginations.

“Some children put the cups on their heads and they were pretending to be unicorns,’ she said.

Testing through play is the basic philosophy behind the Goddard School’s toy test. With their thinking caps on and their little hands ready to explore, these children are building more than just toy homes, spaceships and mazes; they are building social skills and fine motor skills.

“A lot of the motor skill they need for handwriting, so we’re preparing them for kindergarten,” said Emily Cornelius with The Goddard School. “A lot of the younger kids, the linking, the holding, the grips, that’s important for them to use scissors, to use pencils and markers.”

Many times, the kids don’t realize they are actually learning.

“They don’t know that they’re learning. They think they are playing which is the biggest thing,” Naik said.

All of the toys that were tested are reasonably priced at $40 or less.

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