Protesters who chained themselves at Executive Mansion appear in court

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A group of protesters who chained themselves together in front of the Executive Mansion in October made their first court appearance Thursday.

The protesters are facing misdemeanor charges. They were protesting HB 318, which some claim targets undocumented immigrants.

Since the protest in October, Gov. Pat McCrory has signed HB 318 into law. That bill limits “sanctuary cities and McCrory, in signing it, said it will help law enforcement officials control illegal immigrants.

“We feel like we’ve been underestimated by the legislative people and also the government,” said David Salazar, protester. “We need to speak up for the rest that are undocumented.”

Protesters told WNCN News that they plan on having a presence at an upcoming Donald Trump event in Raleigh on Friday. Trump has been outspoken about immigration during his presidential campaign.

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