Raleigh designer decorates White House for the holidays

Carnela Renée Hill, president and owner of CR Hill Design Group, LLC

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The most famous home in America is ready for the holidays, and a Raleigh designer helped decorate it.

This year’s theme is “A Timeless Tradition”. Starting on Thanksgiving, designers, including one from Raleigh, worked for seven days straight, 12 hours a day.

“It’s official and I am going to the White House to decorate,” Carnela Renée Hill, president and owner of CR Hill Design Group, LLC, said.

After a long application process and background check, those are the words Hill said back in October when she got the news.

“We were basically part of the team that helped carry it out,” she said.

To decorate the 132 room home, 102 designers were chosen, representing 35 states, two from North Carolina, all carrying out one idea.

“We did all the hard work, we were on scaffolds,” Hill described. “I was one of the ones that was up on scaffolds trying to get it ready.”

There’s 62 trees, a 500-pound White House gingerbread house, and more.

“After a while they all became your favorite room, because just being able to put that special touch on the room,” Hill said.

But there was one room, and one moment in particular that sticks out for Hill.

“I was called away to do a secret room, and so in that process that just really reminded me, ‘I’m here, I’m in the White House, and I’m really getting the opportunity of a lifetime,'” Hill told WNCN’s Lauren Haviland.

Out of all the projects she has designed, Hill said, “the White House is definitely number one.”

Hill said she would love the opportunity to decorate the White House again.

The White House expects 68,000 people to walk through the decorated rooms during the holiday season.

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