SC man calls 911 for ride to jail to bail out girlfriend

Edward Rosciszewski of Myrtle Beach, who is charged with calling 911 four times. (Myrtle Beach Police)

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – A Myrtle Beach man was jailed after calling 911 operators four times in just a matter of hours because he wanted a ride to the police station to bail his girlfriend out of jail.


A Myrtle Beach Police report details how Edward Rosciszewski, 53, of Myrtle Beach, was indeed given a ride to the Myrtle Beach Police Department, but it was in handcuffs, not to bail out his girlfriend. Police say Rosciszewski called 911 four times in as many hours and stated each time that “he was trying to go to the police department to bail out his girlfriend.”

Dispatch operators reported to police that they explained to Rosciszewski he did not have a life or death emergency and needed to call back on the non-emergency line. Operators noted that Rosciszewski sounded “extremely intoxicated,” and began yelling and cursing when told he needed to call a different number.

The 911 dispatcher even offered Rosciszewski numbers for taxi services, but he called 911 again, demanding a ride to jail.

Rosciszewski was booked into the Myrtle Beach jail Sunday morning on one charge of use of 911 number unlawfully.

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