Johnston County family’s Christmas presents stolen from under tree

SMITHFIELD, N.C. (WNCN) — As if have your home burglarized isn’t bad enough — one Johnston County mom says the thieves stole the gifts from under her family’s Christmas tree.


The Johnston County Sheriff’s office received the report and is investigating.

At this point, it appears the thieves broke in and tried to steal whatever they could — and that included Christmas gifts.

“Devastated – definitely!” said Wanda Horton, a hard-working single mom of two.

She tries to make Christmas special for her children each year. The decorations are up and the gifts were under the tree. That is until this past weekend when she says thieves broke in and stole them.

“You take your hard-earned money and you buy kids things that they want. So we can have a decent Christmas and it just make you lose your piece of mind,” Horton said.

Horton says she thought her family was safe at the Johnston Mobile Home Park. They moved in only four months ago.

She said the thieves apparently came in the back window “and tried to snatch what they saw,” Horton said.

The burglary happened Saturday evening — fortunately Horton and her kids weren’t home.

“They took all my electronics. You know all the TV, the laptops, they took all of that. Even my kids Christmas. You know all the things I had got for them,” she said.

By day, Horton works with special needs children. By night, she’s studying to be a medical assistant.

Those thieves stole the laptop she uses her schoolwork — and the computers her kids use for their homework.

So what would Horton say to those behind it?

“Please give my kids back our stuff. You know, they don’t ask for much and you know I’m a hardworking mother. You know I go to work everyday and I try to make the best for them,” Horton said.

The sheriff’s office is investigating but no arrests have been made.

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