NC representative blames traffic stop on race in Facebook post

Representative Cecil Brockman (N.C. General Assembly)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WXII) – A local legislator who said a traffic stop in Archdale was based on his race has posted more details about the incident on Facebook.

Democratic Rep. Cecil Brockman of Guilford County was pulled over on Nov. 30 in Archdale for not wearing a seat-belt. He later told a Charlotte television station that the North Carolina Highway Patrol troopers who stopped him were excessive.

In his Facebook post Monday afternoon, Brockman wrote, “Let me start by saying I was wrong for not having worn my seat belt. It was a moment of deep frustration that I could have handled better.”

Brockman said he was treated with suspicion and that the troopers were trying to confirm he hadn’t stolen the car.

“The heart of my issue with this incident lies with being treated with suspicion and being seen as a threat for no other reason I can figure than being black,” he wrote Monday.

North Carolina representative pulled over.
North Carolina representative pulled over.

Highway Patrol spokeswoman Pam Walker said the video shows troopers are professional.

“I know that in the future I need to not let my frustration get the better of me,” Brockman wrote. “However, I also hope we can have a discussion as to why a young, black man without his seat belt is automatically deemed a threat and how we can all treat each other with more compassion and dignity.”

The president of the North Carolina Troopers Association, Sgt. Danny Jenkins, accused Brockman of trying to use his position to bully troopers and avoid a citation. The association asked its supporters to demand Brockman’s resignation.


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