Thieves grab $100K in Pandora jewelry from Sanford store – and cameras weren’t rolling

SANFORD, N.C. ( WNCN) – Thousands of Pandora jewelry items worth more than $100,000 were stolen from a Sanford jewelry store over the weekend.

The theft happened between Friday night and Saturday morning at Kathryn’s Hallmark and Fiona’s Jewelry store in Sanford.

Jewelry heist
PHOTOS: Sanford jewelry store robbed

Owner Joe Purce said he was devastated after his store was robbed. The robbers shattered the glass cases where the jewelry was stored and took thousands of items. Ripped off were bracelets, necklaces and Pandora charms that cost from $35 to $500 each.

“The glass case was destroyed and all of the product was removed,” Purce said.

The store is known for its Pandora collection. It sells more than 300 items every day during the holidays.

“It’s non-stop,” said sales manager Athalia Carroll. “We normally have a line that goes from one station all the way out the door and we’re telling people to wait. You can be here waiting for almost 30-45 minutes.”

Purce said the store has been overwhelmed by the support it has received since the robbery. Other Pandora dealers have even shared their inventory to help.

Surveillance cameras inside the store were not rolling when the incident happened, but police are looking at video from nearby businesses to help find the person responsible.

No arrests have been made and the store says it will remain open through the holidays. They also hope to have their Pandora collection restocked by Tuesday.

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