Flooding seen in Triangle as heavy rain continues to move in

Flooding on Madison Street in Durham. Photo by Harvey Wall for WNCN

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — After several inches of rain fell in the Triangle over the last couple of days and more continued Wednesday, some flooding was reported on Wednesday afternoon.

A truck picking up people in Chapel Hill on Wednesday. Photo from Chapel Hill Fire Twitter.
A truck picking up people in Chapel Hill on Wednesday. Photo from Chapel Hill Fire Twitter.

The flooding was happening just as commuters were headed home from work, out of town for the holidays — or to stores to shop for Christmas.

In Durham on Wednesday, at least 2 roads were flooded and in Chapel Hill some people were being evacuated from their homes.

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Madison Street in Durham was flooded by mid-afternoon and Moline Street was washed out in some areas, according to reports.

By 5 p.m. some residents were unable to get to their driveways on Moline Street, officials said, because of a water leak and heavy rain.

Optional evacuations were taking place at Brookwood Condos, Chapel HIll Fire said in a Tweet.

The Town of Hillsborough kept the Riverwalk Greenway and Gold Park closed after flooding from the Eno River continued on Wednesday.

Video from Chapel Hill Fire Department showed a large vehicle going through water while picking up stranded residents at Brookwood Condos.

Fewer than 6 people were seen on the back of the truck.

Some neighbors placed sandbags outside their doors as they watched their parking lots disappear under the floodwaters.

Other residents moved things out… including Christmas presents.

“We just moved them all out to their grandparents’ house just because of that reason. Don’t want those to be ruined. What Christmas is Christmas without gifts?” said Shon Cameron of Chapel Hill.

On Moline Street in Durham, the road itself recently underwent maintenance and was without pavement in some areas. When heavy rains hit on Tuesday and Wednesday, some areas of the road washed out. A water leak in the area of the road also contributed to the problem.

The Durham Street Maintenance Department responded to the situation around 3:30 p.m., officials say.

“As of right now we have crews on site trying to find the water leak and provide residents access to their driveways,” said Marvin G. Williams of the Durham Dept. of Public Works, just after 5 p.m..

“The heavy rain and water line problems created a worse case scenario today but we are attempting to address it as quickly as possible tonight,” he added.

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