Durham girl and many others open Christmas presents donated to area groups

DURHAM, N.C. (WNC) — Toys donated to organizations such as the Salvation Army throughout the holiday season made their way underneath the trees of kids this Christmas.

A Durham girl talked to WNCN about the gifts she opened this morning.

“When I woke up this morning, I just went in my mama’s bed and I closed my eyes for a little while, then I got right back up for one second,” said 7-year-old Tabitha Holmes.

Tabitha could not take the anticipation of Christmas morning one more second.

“I couldn’t wait. I saw gifts on the chair from Santa Claus,” she said. “I didn’t know which one I was going to pick first.”

So many to choose from — a doll..

“It’s got the brushes, the phone,” Tabitha said, describing what came with the doll.

And games…

‘This game I’ve never played. It’s called Scrabble,” she said.

Even a helicopter…

“Let me make sure it was charged right…’Now it’s ready to fly,” she said.

Tabitha obviously ended up on Santa’s good list.

With all the toys to check off his list — Santa needed help from the Salvation Army… and people in the community who donated.

WNCN and Capital City Clauses collected nearly 2,000 toys in a one day “Stock The Sled” drive.

“On the 25th, kids are going to be able to, of course, celebrate Christmas, but at the same time, be able to be kids and break stuff and play with stuff, build things. It’s just an awesome feeling that we have to provide,” said Robert Viera, Durham Salvation Army captain

Tabitha’s mom got to help Santa pick the very best gifts.

“ ‘Operation,’ a favorite of mine. Reminds me of my childhood,” said mom Janet Holmes. “I never knew how to play this game, but I think it has instructions.”

Tabitha had many thoughts on this Christmas morning – and here’s one that lasts:

“I was thinking about how grateful I was to have so many presents,” she said.

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