Duke grad’s app changing the way college athletics works

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – More than 100 college athletic programs across the country are now using an app built by a Durham company. Teamworks is a communication app that helps sports teams and businesses be more organized. The company’s founder, a former Duke football player designed the app from first hand experience.

Zach Formal Headshot
Teamworks CEO Zach Maruides’ headshot from his playing days at Duke.

Teamworks CEO Zach Maurides, a standout offensive lineman on the Duke football team from 2003 to 2007, says an early morning run at Wallace Wade stadium sparked an idea.

“I think like a lot of student athletes I struggled with time management” says Maurides. “I think it was after running those stadium stairs early in the morning I was kind of wishing there was a better way.”

That better way is Teamworks, a program designed to help Maurides and his teammates be more organized.

“I actually began working on this product as a student athlete in my sophomore year at Duke,” says Maurides. “The football team started using it in 2005.”

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A decade ago you could only use the program on a PC, fast forward to 2015, the Teamworks app works on any smart phone or tablet and the app is used by more the 100 college athletic programs, including all four football teams in the hunt for this year’s national championship.

“So if I am a head coach that needs to communicate with maybe a basketball team and it’s 15 athletes and 30 staff members so 45 people, or it’s a football team and it’s 150 people,” Maurides says. “We can do it in two seconds.”

The app puts communication tools all in one place. Calendars with team access, instant messaging, emails that can reach hundreds even thousands in just seconds and the ability to share documents and sign them all on their phone.

“If I need to get something out to my entire team or all my support staff or maybe just to my top 50 boosters to let them know about a pre-game event, I can come in here and based on who I’m allowed to communicate with, select who I want to send it to,” says Maurides. “Maybe it’s something simple like practice being moved to the turf field.”

Maurides says Teamworks is growing fast. The company now has 22 employees and will add 10 more in the new year. The app originally designed to help student athletes is now being used by businesses and state agencies to help with their communication.

Calendar Screenshot
Screenshot of Teamworks calendar function.

“99 percent of the problems you deal with in the business place are no different than what you deal with in the athletic world,” Maurides says. “You’ve got to put together a great strategy and deal with people and get them to execute that strategy as a team and that’s what we’re doing here everyday.”

It’s a strategy born from sweat and some stadium stairs.

The Teamworks app is now being used by the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL and has several other teams very interested. Maurides says he anticpates more NFL teams to start using the Teamworks app as more college players move to the NFL and tell their coaches about the app.

To learn more about the Teamworks app, visit their website: https://www.teamworksapp.com/index.cfm


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