Acorn getting polished, ready for Raleigh New Year’s event

Raleigh acorn getting polished on Tuesday. (WNCN)

For the 24th year, Raleigh will ring in the New Year by dropping the acorn in City Plaza.

Artist David Benson, who made the acorn, is polishing it and getting it ready for Thursday night’s big event.

The acorn, made of copper and steel, is usually in Moore Square in downtown Raleigh. During the course of the year, it can get a bit dirty.

But, Benson said, things are a bit different this year.

“Actually,  it’s getting easier and easier to clean it off because the weather is getting warmer,” Benson said. “In the cold, it’s really hard to do but with weather like it is today and hopefully for the event, it’s really easy.”

The acorn was first used for New Year’s festivities in 1992.

It will be part of the traditional midnight countdown and the early countdown at 7 p.m. on Thursday night.

“I feel like I’m the king of Raleigh every year.  One day a year, I’m the king and it’s a great feeling,” Benson said.



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