‘Affluenza’ teen who killed 4 in drunk driving crash caught in Mexico with mom

AP Photo/KDFW-FOX 4, File

DALLAS (AP) – A mother and son missing for weeks from Texas have been nabbed in Mexico and handed over to Mexican immigration authorities for deportation.

The son, Ethan Couch, is serving probation after his lawyers invoked an “affluenza” defense in a drunken-driving wreck that killed four people.

The Texas teenager received only probation for causing a drunken car crash that killed four people after his lawyers said he suffered from “affluenza” because his wealthy parents had coddled him too much.

Couch missed an appointment with his probation officer three weeks ago, leading authorities to issue the juvenile equivalent of an arrest warrant for him. Investigators believe he fled with his mother

Officials say the two may have fled after a video surfaced that appears to show Couch at a party where people were drinking, a possible parole violation.

Defense lawyers at the trial argued his wealthy parents coddled him into a sense of irresponsibility.

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