Red Cross holds Carrboro blood drive to aid sagging donation numbers

CARRBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – The American Red Cross held a blood drive Tuesday in Carrboro to help sagging donation numbers.

The drive was held at the Orange Water and Sewer Authority in Carrboro.

The organization said a decrease in blood drives during this time of the year is normal because so many people are on vacation, and venues like colleges aren’t in use because students are on break.

“We really need blood. Right now we are short. Lots of people are on holiday. You have a drive sometimes and nobody shows up because people are on holiday. But we still appreciate people coming and donating,” said Swaleh Issa, a supervisor for the American Red Cross.

When you give blood to the Red Cross, it goes to local hospitals that need it most and helps people in your area.

Blood donations go to help people who need lifesaving transfusions due to trauma, patients with cancer or blood diseases, and premature babies.

Find a donation location near you.

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