NC convenience store owner continues to arm employees

Musa Agil (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – Masonboro Country Store owner Musa Agil has been keeping his convenience stores armed for more than two years.

“People know not to mess with Pop,” said one customer.

After being robbed several times at a store on Wrightsville Avenue, he decided to make changes.

“My philosophy is to arm and train your people,” Agil said.

He pays for every employee to spend time at a gun range, to learn how to fire a weapon in case a robber ever attempts to hurt them. A cashier shot and injured an armed suspect at the store in 2011.

“If we know they’re gonna take our money and leave us alone, we have no issue with that,” Agil explained. “But what guarantee do we have that they’re not gonna kill us after?”

After a robbery on Tuesday morning, Agil continues to be confident in his decision to keep his store armed.

“In the store, by law, we have a right to carry and defend ourselves,” he explained.

A string of armed robbery throughout Wilmington in 2015, many of them happening at convenience stores, but Agil has a clear message for anyone attempting to mess with his store.

“Think about it, if you’re coming to rob the store, it might be the last time you rob anybody,” Agil said.

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