New Year’s brings new resolve to get in shape, work less – and party

Acorn drop in Raleigh on New Year's Eve. (WNCN)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – So what are you resolving to do in 2016?

Get thinner?

Go places?

Or just relax more?

WNCN asked some people in the viewing area for their resolutions Friday as 2016 opened. Here are some of the responses:

Jesse Alden of Charleston, West Virginia:  “Started off pretty well — we went to a party.  I would like to continue that for the rest of the year.”

Peggy Pegram of Henderson: “I think it’s the same as everybody has.  Stay healthy, do more outside.  Do more with family and friends.”

Phillip Bartholomew of Raleigh:  “My resolution is to get back in shape, eat heathy, work out.”

Ray Pegram, Jr. of Henderson: “Play more, work less.”

John O’Neill of Apex: “I don’t really have a resolution. I kind of live each day the best you can possibly be.”

Russell Bowman Jr. in Fayetteville: New Year’s resolution is pretty much the same as last year’s – that’s to keep my body in shape. And I’m also prepping for a competition as well.

Nathan Taylor in Fayetteville: “Probably lose a couple of pounds here and try to work on my cardio a little bit better. But I haven’t even started that, so let’s see how much I’ll work that out this year.”

Ronald Bonsant in Fayetteville: “Same thing as last year – going to kill it [exercising] and try to be better than I was last year.”

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