Raleigh dog injured in Dec. 16 traffic accident put down

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A sad end to a heartwarming story as a dog hit by a car in downtown Raleigh was put down Saturday after taking a turn for the worse while recovering.


Francine Cronin witnessed a man and his dog being hit by a car Dec. 16 at the intersection of Saint Mary’s and Hillsborough streets.

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Kunal Chablani and his 8-year-old Sheltie “Tony” were injured.

Chablani fell to the ground after he was hit and realized he only suffered minor injuries, but when he looked up he saw the car run over Tony’s back legs.

As first responders were taking Chablani to the hospital, Cronin told him she’d take care of Tony and take care of any medical costs. She took him to the N.C. State Veterinary Emergency Room where they said Tony needed life-saving surgery that would cost $10,000.

A fundraiser had brought in more than $13,000 for Tony but Friday, Cronin posted a heartbreaking update.

I am absolutely heartsick to share with you that Tony has taken a turn for the worse. He will be put to sleep tomorrow morning. Tony’s family is devastated, and I know they will appreciate your prayers in the difficult days that lie ahead. Pastor Nancy is at the hospital now saying a blessing for Tony.”

Tony was put to sleep the next morning, Cronin said in a message to WNCN.

tony the dog

Here he is on Saturday morning. He brightened up the room as usual. I spent about 45 minutes with him before he was put down, gave him bacon for his last meal, and just tried to cherish the time. When they started with the catheter I think he knew. He got up and he kissed me until he went peacefully.”

Police charged the driver in the crash with failing to yield the right of way.

More than $5,000 of the donations came from members of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, a church near where the crash happened.

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