Raleigh mom in murder case faces new charge

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh mother who is charged with conspiring with her son to kill her husband is now facing a new charge.

Tammy Lynn Franklin is now charged with obtaining property on false pretense in Nash County, according to arrest records.

Tammy and Steven Franklin (Wake Co. Sheriff's Office)
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Franklin and her son, Steven Franklin, 23, both of Raleigh, were earlier charged with first-degree conspiracy to commit murder in a tangled and confusing case involving a man who is her husband and his father.

Warrants showed that Tammy Franklin began a relationship with another man in September, according to a police interview with the man. He told police that “Tammy Franklin led him to believe that she was separated from her husband, Donald Franklin, and had been since December of 2014.”

The search warrants said Tammy Franklin had sent the man “explicit photographs.” They had spent time together in Haywood County in Western North Carolina and in Wake County, the warrants said.

An earlier warrant showed Tammy Franklin took out a $1 million life insurance policy on her husband.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said Donald Franklin called authorities Oct. 31 and said he had been assaulted by Steven Franklin at the family’s home at 6825 Greywalls Lane.

Donald Franklin told responding deputies his son lured him upstairs by asking for help carrying heavy tools, a warrant says.

Steven Franklin waited until his dad had his hands full and then attempted to push him down the stairs onto a “spiked rake” placed at the bottom of the stairs.

Donald Franklin was able to catch himself and run down the stairs.

He told deputies his son then yelled, “You won’t get away from me this time!”

Steven Franklin then chased his father down and stabbed him in the right shoulder with a paring knife. During a struggle over the knife, Donald Franklin told deputies he sustained injuries to his left hand. Donald Franklin then escaped the home and called for help.

Deputies who responded to the scene reported the tools had been cleaned up and Steven Franklin’s clothes had been changed when they arrived.

After the assault, Donald Franklin realized Tammy Franklin had taken out a $1 million life insurance policy on him.

Donald Franklin told authorities he had been “badgered into signing life insurance documents he did not understand.” He said he already had life insurance.

The warrant shows Tammy Franklin told investigators she took the policy out on Donald Franklin and herself in March.

The insurance provider, Local Government Federal Credit Union, said the $1 million dollar policy was applied for May 20 and went into effect Aug. 1.

LGFCU said the policy was only for Donald Franklin.

The warrants show Donald Franklin then realized his son and wife had been acting strangely.

Donald Franklin told investigators his son once approached him from behind with while standing in the foyer of their home. He said his son had a belt formed into a noose.

Donald Franklin said his wife told their son, “Not now Steven, let’s take him to work.”

In another instance, Donald Franklin told investigators he felt as if his son and wife were going to attack him only for his wife to say, “Not now Steven. Not yet.”

Investigators searched the family’s home on Greywalls Lane and seized computers, cellphones, a safe, documents and other items. They also searched two vehicles, an iPad and two iPhones.

Last week, Tammy and Donald’s daughter, Savannah, 19, said her father abused her, along with Tammy and Steven, for years.

“My dad was real abusive to me, my brother and my mom,” Savannah Franklin said. “Domestic violence abuse as in verbal, physical and sexual abuse.”

When asked if that abuse was directed towards her, she said, “Yes.”


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