Shelters in Triangle opening as coldest weather since March hits the area

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Area shelters are opening their doors to anyone who needs a place to stay in this cold weather. Many shelters are putting out white flags which means their doors are open even if they’re already at capacity.

“It’s a life and death situation so that means a lot to be able to come someplace that’s warm to feed you and clothe you it means a lot,” said Warren Moore who is staying at that Durham Rescue Mission.

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“They’ll help you out – provide warm clothes food. It’s a blessing,” added Brian Stewart who is also staying at the mission.

The mission also takes people to get donated clothing. Gerald McArthur, who often sleeps in a truck that doesn’t run, picked out mittens, several warm shirt, pants, and shoes.

“Helped me out a lot – probably saved my life,” he said.

Many say this freezing weather comes as a shock especially after the warm temperatures over the past few weeks..

“Now all the sudden it’s hit 21 degrees 22 degrees and people are just not ready for this. What we’re trying to do is save lives,” explained Durham Rescue Mission Director Gary Beasley.

Other shelters echoed that message.

“We lay out mats we lay out cots – whatever we can do to say ‘Come in from the cold. We don’t want you out there,’” said Lizzy Adams with the Salvation Army of Wake County.

The Salvation Army of Wake County says it’s seeing families seeking shelter from the cold at its women and children’s shelter in Raleigh.

“We try to accommodate people however we can so whether that’s family staying in playrooms or out in the lobby we do our best to accommodate however we can,” said Adams.

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