NC grandmother: Neighbors used grandson to fill child’s prescription, swipe drugs

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) – Two Stanley residents have been charged for using a child to get them drugs, according to officials.

Brandan Privette, 26, and Jessica Benson, 22, are each charged with hiring/using a minor to get controlled substances. They are also facing charges for drug possession, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, and selling tobacco to someone under the age of 18, according to arrest records.

The incident happened Monday night, according to the child’s grandmother, Rachel Green.

Green said Privette and Benson took her grandson, Marvin Woody, to fill a prescription at a local CVS Pharmacy in Stanley without her knowing. She said her grandson has ADHD and is also bi-polar. She said he takes a few medications as a result of the diagnosis.

“It’s very hard to control Marvin without his medicine,” said Green in an interview with WBTV Tuesday.

She said she found out about what had happened Monday when another family member tried to fill the prescription that same day. She said the pharmacy workers told them who had come collect the medication and they realized who had the pills. Green said she got less than half of the pills back from the neighbors and notified the police of what had happened.

“They should be ashamed of their self. They should be praying to God for forgiveness for what they done,” said Green about her neighbors.

She said she believes Marvin was given cigarettes in exchange for the pills. She explained that she’s angry at the whole situation.

“They hurt Marvin and I don’t like it,” explained Green.

Captain Suzanne Mauney-Smith with the Gaston County Police Department said her officers usually don’t deal with medications given to patients with ADHD.

“I think that was a crime of opportunity where two adults took advantage of a child who needed medication,” Mauney-Smith said.

She said Gaston County Police officers usually see crimes related to Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Xanax.

Green said she is hopeful she will still be able to get the remainder of the pills her grandson needs.

Privette and Benson are in the Gaston County Jail under $1,000 bond each.

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