Toddler boy mauled by dogs in Raleigh goes home from hospital

Ryder Wells with his mom at their home in Iredell County. WSOC photo via CNN

STATESVILLE, N.C. (CNN/WSOC) — Two-year-old Ryder Wells returned to his family’s North Carolina home Tuesday for the first time since he was attacked by two Rottweilers the day after Thanksgiving in Raleigh.

ryder rottweiler

See more photos of the boy who was attacked

“(It) happened in a minute,” his mother, Brittany Wells, said. “Like time for your kids playing in the room, time to walk to the kitchen, get a drink and come back. That’s how long it took.”

The toddler crawled out a dog door at the friend’s house where the attack happened at a home in the 2300 block of Euston Street.  The dogs responsible have since been euthanized.

Since the attack, Ryder has been hospitalized in Chapel Hill, where he has been treated for severe injuries to his face.

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“We got to both be home together, and we got to bring him home, and our other son was with us, and it was like having our whole family back together,” Ryder’s father, Chris Wells, said.

“I think he is going to thrive a lot more in his environment here than he did at the hospital,” his mother said.

Ryder, who is now back home in Statesville, requires around-the-clock care.  Later this month he will have to undergo another skin graft and still faces years of reconstructive procedures.

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The challenges can seem overwhelming, but the family said they’ve gotten support from members of churches across Statesville and other areas many of whom they had never met before.

“(It) lets me know that there are really good people in this world and they have become extended family,” his mother said.

“It’s been surreal,” his father said. “Just having all the people come together for a little boy they don’t know.”

A GoFundMe page has been started to help with Ryder’s medical bills.

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