Fayetteville’s red light cameras are to save lives, not make money, leaders say

The City of Fayetteville will post additional red light cameras. The intersections marked in red are new locations; those marked in orange have cameras already in place.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Last summer, Fayetteville reinstalled red light cameras in what city leaders said was an effort to save lives, not make money.

A total of 10 cameras were installed at eight of the city’s most traveled areas.

Those cameras have caught nearly 7,500 vehicles passing through red lights.

The intersection at Ramsey Street and Law Road received the highest number of violations over the last six months, with more than1,000 vehicles running the intersection’s light.

When the cameras were re-introduced, city leaders said the effort was not to make money, but to save lives.

Lee Jernigan, City of Fayetteville traffic engineer, admits even with the cameras in place, the city has not seen a decrease in violations.

“We have done some virtual town halls, a lot of public awareness and marketing again trying to resonate throughout the community seriousness of red light running ,” Jernigan said.

But the city found 98 percent of driver’s who receive a ticket do not get a second.

“When they start paying more money out their pockets it will, because people will use that money to put some place else rather than give to the city,” said Fayetteville resident Lois Grimsley.

A red light violation ticket is $100.

Thirty-five percent of that goes to the camera vendor and the rest to Cumberland County Schools.

The school system has received nearly $100,000 from red light tickets.

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