E-Cigarettes now banned in majority of North Carolina hospitals

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With the quick rise in popularity of vaping businesses are having trouble keeping up with regulations for electronic cigarettes. A recent survey by UNC shows hospitals in the state are leading the way when it comes to banning e-cigarettes.

Hospitals have long-banned tobacco product use inside and even outside their facilities. Some systems don’t even allow it on the property.

But when it comes to electronic cigarettes, regulations aren’t as well-known. That’s why UNC researchers conducted a systematic survey of e-cigarette policies in North Carolina hospitals. They found that 80 percent of those surveyed ban vaping along with smoking.

“The fact that most hospitals in North Carolina have banned e-cigarettes, I think that should serve as an example to other places of business that may currently have smoke-free or tobacco free policies to incorporate e-cigarettes into those. Just because it is very unclear what potential health affects e-cigarettes could have,” said Clare Meernick, a UNC Research Associate.

Getting folks to abide by those regulations has proven a little difficult. Hospitals tend to have the most trouble with visitors disobeying their ban against smoking and vaping.

Hospital officials worry that if e-cigarette use continues, it will normalize smoking again not only at healthcare facilities, but in numerous public places.

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