What you need to know to prepare for winter

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The bitter cold weather has people in the Triangle bundling up.

“I’m just not used to this weather. It dropped pretty quickly,” said Danielle Hoffman, Raleigh resident.

Winter weather doesn’t mean just hats, gloves and winter coats; it also means trouble for your car.

Mechanics in the area say they have been busy winterizing vehicles, but they say drivers should be sure to check their battery, oil and tire pressure before any possible problems arise.

“The car isn’t going to handle as well if the tires are under-inflated and the tire will not carry the weight of the vehicle if it is under-inflated,” said Roddy Ingold, Ingold Tire.

For residents trying to stay warm, firefighters want to warn residents to be cautious if using a space heater.

“Especially the cold weather, you tend to see different types of fires that are started by kerosene heaters, things of that nature, people trying to keep warm and sometimes that sparks fires as well,” said Capt. Terrent Wiggins, Raleigh Fire Department.

With the colder temperatures, some North Carolinians could see a spike in the bills during the winter months. Duke Energy has some tips on how you can lower your bill or keep it more manageable.

Duke Energy also says they have some heating assistance programs available for people who have troubling paying their bills during the winter months. You can check out those programs below:

Share the Warmth
Energy Neighbor Fund

You can check out a full list of Duke Energy’s assistance programs here.

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