WNCN’s Bill Reh speaks to Durham kindergarteners

Bill Reh with kids at Grey Stone Preschool and Kingergarten in Durham. (WNCN)

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DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Kindergarten students at Grey Stone Preschool and Kindergarten have been learning about the weather for the last few weeks.

They have a thermometer outside their window and each day they haven taken an observation of the sky and temperature.  Then one student will “announce” the weather for the day from a television set.

On Tuesday, WNCN meteorologist Bill Reh visited their class and students learned about what a meteorologist does during their day.

They also got to see a demonstration of thunder and lightning.  By rubbing wool over a Styrofoam plate and then placing a metal pan using a non-conductive handle on top of the plate, the student could touch the pan and hear and see the discharge of electricity.  Students also got to try to “make” their own thunder, by blowing up a paper sack and then smacking it to get it to “explode”.

They also had a set of questions to ask, with the most frequent one being, When is it going to snow again?

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