Group calls NC Connect bond ‘not fiscally responsible’

The Connect NC bond proposal now has organized opposition with a group called “NC Against the Bond” rising up to oppose the move.

The proposal on the March ballot calls for $2 billion in infrastructure improvements, with the majority at colleges and universities.

“It is not fiscally responsible,” Nicole Revels, director of NC Against the Bond, said. “A bond is not free money and I feel like it is being counted a little bit as just we need this money for all these projects.  It’s not free money.  It’s actually a debt.”

The group’s Facebook page has more than 400 likes.

But Jim Rose, co-chair of the Connect NC campaign committee, said the bond is critical for North Carolina’s future.

“This will allow the citizens of North Carolina, especially those who are attending the universities and the community colleges over the next 50 years, to compete in the global economy.”

Gov. Pat McCrory has said the bond would not mean a tax increase.

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