SC mom left 8-month-old in cold car while shopping, deputies say

Victoria Skripchenko (WBTW)

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Victoria Skripchenko was charged with cruelty to children after deputies said she left her kid alone in a cold car outside Kohl’s in Spartanburg.

The deputy in the report says Skripchenko lied about getting an item refunded inside the store.

A witness in the parking lot told the deputy that she heard the 8-month-old child crying from Hobby Lobby.

The witness said 15 minutes went by as she went inside Kohl’s to report the baby to an employee and call 911.

The deputy asked Skripchenko if she had been in the store for 20 minutes and she said she was in the store “less than 5 minutes, about,” while she exchanged something.

After a deputy tried to find a copy of the receipt for the exchange, another deputy asked Skripchenko for her copy and was told she never did a refund.

The deputy told her that it was longer than 5 minutes to walk around inside.

The report says Skripchenko replied “I’m not going to say it’s 5, 10, 15 cause I don’t know It was not that long. I wouldn’t left her in the car for a long time.”

The deputy explained that it was 36 degrees outside with a wind chill of 28.

Deputies were able to place the baby in custody of a family member and Skripchenko was arrested.

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