Air traffic getting back to normal at RDU

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Air traffic was getting back to normal at Raleigh Durham International Airport on Monday.

A spokesman for the airport told WNCN that it’s a fluid situation at RDU because airports in snowstorm-affected areas like New York and Washington are in the process of getting back up and running.

There’s no firm number how many flights are still being impacted by the weather. Over the weekend, snow and ice kept most of the runways closed and at times, there were more flights cancelled than actually in the air.

Some were luckier than others when it came to getting out of RDU and getting to their destination.

One Apex woman was able to fly from RDU to New York and back without any issues.

“We actually, before we left, we tried to cancel our flights because we thought that we wouldn’t get the work done, but they didn’t cancel and they were charging us money, we said, ‘what the heck, let’s just go.’ And we had (an) important meeting, and it worked out fine. We had no concerns later,” said Anu Pama.

Pama said they were “lucky” to not have their flight cancelled or delayed.

Another lucky person was Patrick Briola from Durham. Briola is a big Denver Broncos fan and he was able to make it to Denver and back without a problem.

“I’m glad that all the flights were not called off and I was able to fly out. I was definitely sweating it for sure,” he said.

RDU officials urge anyone with a flight scheduled today to call ahead or check online.

You can check flights at RDU right here and check flights at any airport you’d like with WNCN’s flight tracker.

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