Slick sidewalks still a concern in Chapel Hill

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – Sidewalks across Orange County are still a concern even though warmer temperatures have thawed out some of the worst-hit areas.

Chapel-Hill Carrboro Schools are on track for a regular day of class Wednesday after deciding Tuesday morning to cancel classes another day.

Many neighborhood sidewalks have not been touched so far and UNC-Chapel Hill students walking to class had a hard time navigating the slick paths.

Some people were walking in the road when they could, but even then they had to hurdle over mounds of snow on the side of the roads.

Diane Adamson was attempting to walk to lunch Tuesday and said she was still worried about slipping and falling.

“They’re really messy and pretty slick and we’ve been pretty, pretty frightful of falling. We’re a little older than most of the students around here,” said Diane Adamson.

Adamson is originally from Pittsburgh and said weather events are handled much differently down here in the South.

“This would be gone two days ago up there. But they have the equipment and the know-how and the plans. You know we don’t get enough snow down here to know how to do it efficiently but I think after this many days it should be gone,” said Adamson.

Tuesday’s warm weather helped melt a lot of snow and ice, but sidewalks will continue to a be a problem in the coming days.

However, there are still a few remaining slick spots on roadways as well, so still proceed with caution until everything is completely cleared up.

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