Former UNC star sees dream come true with Panthers’ Super Bowl appearance

Panthers' Tre Boston (WNCN)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WNCN) – A former University of North Carolina star who  is now with the Carolina Panthers said being in the Super Bowl this year is “a dream.”

Like many young players, Tre Boston always dreamed of reaching the NFL’s title game.

“Being little, so far away from you, you want to hold it so near to your heart,” Boston said Wednesday as the Panthers prepared for their Super Bowl showdown with the Denver Broncos.

Boston, a 6 foot 1, 230 pound safety, was a fourth-round pick in 2014

As a kid, he said his mother would often be a part of his Super Bowl dreams, throwing him the ball as he pretended to be making a game-changing play.

“By the time, the clock’s going down, you might have the last play,” he recalled. “You might throw it up to yourself. I was quarterback, running back and receiver. Sometimes even DB [defensive back]. But it’s a dream.”

Sometimes dreams come true.  That’s the case for Boston, who is the brink of playing for the Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

He will face Broncos star – and future Hall of Famer – Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl.

But Boston said he never daydreamed about playing against Manning as a kid.

“No, no, no, I never picked off Peyton Manning back in those days,” he said with a laugh. “Maybe Brett Favre, older quarterbacks. Peyton he was never on my list.”

You can bet his is now. And Boston is playing that his Super Bowl dreams play out for real.

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