NC gives Raleigh approval on Moore Square plans

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The city of Raleigh is a big step closer to seeing its hopes for Moore Square turn into reality Tuesday morning after state leaders voted to allow the city to build a restroom facility and café in the park.

The city is still acquiring other permitting and construction documents. If all goes well, construction could start this summer.

The  City Council held a special meeting about the future of Moore Square Monday night.

Raleigh leaders have been working for years on a plan to update the area and transform it into the kind of park you might see in New York City. Monday’s meeting was a key step in seeing that work come to fruition.

“I think in the next couple months we’ll really finalize all of the plans and move forward. But this is a piece that we need to get finalized so we can get it done,” Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane said Monday.

Although the city manages the property, the state owns it.

“If the state owns it we have to negotiate with them to get permission to build anything on that property,” she said.

McFarlane said the property is “a little tired.”

“We’ve had some great consultants look at it,” she said. “And the plan they’ve come up with really does activate that space. It really does pull people from the outside into that space and utilizes it in a much better way.”

Besides a new layout, different greenery, and entrance plazas at every corner, the park will also be host to all kinds of community get-togethers.  Locals say the area is lacking in community events.

The city is still working on construction documents and permitting for the project, but construction is expected to start this summer, and finish up in the summer of 2017.

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