Raleigh evaluates widening Six Forks Road

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – One of Raleigh’s main thoroughfares may be getting a major makeover.

The City Council is looking at a plan to make Six Folks Road friendlier to pedestrians, bikers and make auto traffic flow better on a stretch from the Belt line to Lynn Road.

The idea dates back to 2012, when the city first began asking resident what they would like to see done with this roadway.

In 2014, consultants took those ideas and began working on an improvement plan which was handed to the City Council Tuesday.

As a north/south connector, Six Forks carries some of the largest volume of traffic in the city — and has a lot of traffic generators adjoining the street.

“It’s pretty congested, especially with new buildings going up,” said driver Trevor Pougnet. “I can see it getting worse, so improvements to the road are much needed.”

The 127-page plan contains those much needed improvements.

“This is a step that would help maintain the traffic flow and provide a lot of facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians and a safer way to travel in that mode,” said Carter Pettibone, Raleigh’s urban planner.

The plan calls for different styles of roads between the Beltline and Lynn Road, sometimes creating a parkway-style boulevard or a more urban boulevard in high density areas..

As development continues along Six Forks, the plan would help guide what would be built and adjust speed limits..

“We look for consistent speed along that portion of Six Folks,” Pettibone said.

Pettibone said it would cost about $2 million for the next step , which would be for design of the corridor, That might  require taking some land to make the road wide enough to handle six lanes and a median. All of this could take five years.

One driver, Meredith Gladwell, said, “I wish it would be a lot sooner.”

The city planners said improving this road is one of the city’s higher priorities– and some of the money to pay for it would come from future transportation bonds.

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