Mom cleared in deadly stabbing of dad while their baby was in the home

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WNCN) – The voluntary manslaughter charge against a 20-year-old woman has been nolle prossed, or dropped, according to the Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

The charge was officially dropped in a hearing Wednesday morning.


“I don’t think justice was served,” said Covington’s friend Marina Paradise.

Megan Kayla DeJesus walked out of Virginia Beach court no longer facing charges in the death of her boyfriend and father of the couple’s baby, Terrance Covington. She said nothing, but sobbed as on her way to her car. Her court hearing only took a matter minutes.  Prosecutors withdrew the voluntary manslaughter charge she was facing.

DeJesus was accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death in September of 2015. Officers found her boyfriend, 23-year-old Covington, dead inside of a home off North Great Neck Road. She was taken into custody in September and charged with voluntary manslaughter.

Neighbors told WTKR-TV that the couple’s baby was inside the home during a stabbing, which lead to Covington’s death.

Covington had just come back to his town house after a night out with DeJesus.

Neighbors say they heard DeJesus yelling and screaming at Covington. About 20 minutes later, neighbors say they could hear DeJesus yelling for someone to call 911.

Friends tell us Covington and DeJesus had been dating on-and-off for three years. They just had a baby. Neighbors say it would not be uncommon to hear them fighting outside the home.

“I thought that the law was there to protect us,” added Covington’s grandmother Inez Covington. “They didn’t protect us, the Covington family, because we are really having a hard time with this. It is not fair.”

Prosecutors say they charges were dropped due to physical and witness information that overwhelmingly showed DeJesus acted in self-defense.

“That woman, she got away scot-free with this,” Covington said.

Family says the couple didn’t have the best of relationships. They described Megan as being too possessive.

“She had women all on her side and she is smaller than Terrance,” friend Deanna Means added. “I think it was definitely a racial thing. If it had been the reverse, this would have never happened. He would have gotten time.”

Covington had three children. One with DeJesus. Her friends say she loved Terrance and in the end there are no winners.

“No matter what she killed him,” Means said. “He’s gone and she gets to go about life. She got a smack on the hand basically.”

Macie Pridgen with the Commonwealth’s Attorney Office says there is insufficient evidence to prove a criminal act occurred.

DeJesus did not make any comments as she left court Wednesday afternoon.

— WAVY-TV contributed to this report

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