Lost NC cat recovered 4 months later, thanks to social media

Einstein the cat (WECT)

BURGAW, N.C. (WECT) – Old River Farm was bustling on Halloween night, and Einstein, the farm cat, didn’t like it.

His owners at Old River Farms said when there was a lot of commotion they could usually find him curled up in the barn, or napping in a truck bed. Hours could go by before he’d pop back out — but the next morning, Einstein was nowhere to be found.

They think he hopped into the back of a customer’s pick-up, fell asleep, and rode off, away from home.

Weeks went by, and Einstein was nowhere to be found. They started to lose hope, until a friend noticed a photo on Facebook. It was Einstein, sitting on a fire truck at the Pender County EMS station.

They rushed over to pick up their beloved pet, only to find that he had been given away to a family in Jacksonville. They contacted the family, and were told that upon arriving at his new home, Einstein ran out the door, and never came back.

They returned to that neighborhood so many times to search for Einstein, residents threatened them to leave. But they said, fortunately, there were some who kept an eye out for their cat, and last week, they got a call from one of them.

She said she had a cat on her porch that looked a lot like Einstein, and asked them to come take a look.

Four months and 40 miles later, Einstein is back at Old River Farm. His owners said if it wasn’t for the power of social media, he may have never found his way home.

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