Video of Durham fight goes viral

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Some customers at a Durham shopping mall said they don’t feel safe after a video of a brawl in the parking lot went viral.

The video, posted Feb. 2, appears to show two women fighting in the parking lot of the Wellon’s Village Shopping Center. Several people stand and watch the fight with just as many recording the two women on their phones.

“It’s crazy. Ain’t nobody breaking it up,” said shopping center customer Shataka Hicks when showed the video.

Shopper Edna Bell said she doesn’t feel safe at the shopping center after seeing the video.

“I’m disturbed because my kids come out here,” Bell said.

Other customers and merchants echoed Bell’s concerns.

“It should be a little bit more security down here,” said shopper Leonard Williams.

WNCN only observed one police officer in the area during a six hour span Thursday. No private security was seen on the premise during that time.

Durham police said a 911 call was made reporting the fight but the crowd had dispersed by the time officers arrived.

“This community needs help for the young people,” Bell said.

A representative from The Village did not respond to WNCN’s request for comment. No arrests were made.

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