NC man fights, attempts to bite police officers during arrest

Derek James Griffin

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. (WECT) – A Carolina Beach man is accused of attempting to bite and fight two Carolina Beach police officers during an arrest.

Officers arrested 27-year-old Derek James Griffin and charged him with two counts of assault on a government official.

The charges stem from an incident last month. Officers responded to domestic disturbance call along Carolina Beach Avenue.

When they arrived on scene, a female was walking toward their patrol car. According to a police report, Griffin followed the female and walked outside the front door of a residence. When he saw the officers, he turned around and ran back inside of the home.

One of the officers recognized Griffin and noted he has a history of running from the police.

The officers knocked on the front door and tried to make contact with Griffin. The woman told police Griffin was going to kill himself so they made entry into the home.

Griffin reportedly barricaded himself in one of the bedrooms. The officers ordered him to come out with his hands up. They could see he was “moving frantically” from his shadow underneath the door.

The officers noticed visible signs of abuse on the female at the house and placed Griffin under arrest.

Griffin resisted and was later handcuffed.

Carolina Beach Police officers found a number of items on Griffin, including a pocket knife, prescription bottles, two plastic bags of marijuana, a single suboxone strip and a plastic bag full of white rocks.

Griffin reportedly reached for some of the items during the search so officers took him to the ground and ordered him to not reach for anything.

Officers then searched the rest of the house and found a burnt glass pipe, a needle and a metal spoon with white residue on it. They also found a clear case with cotton pellets inside. According to the police report, cotton pellets are used to filter narcotics.

Officers noticed Griffin was bleeding from a cut on his hand while on their way to the Carolina Beach Police Department. They later discovered a piece of glass was rolled into his shirt.

Upon arrival at the police department, Griffin reportedly faked a seizure while officers were trying to take his fingerprints.

Shortly after, officers noticed a green substance inside of Griffin’s mouth. Griffin said he took a Valium before officers showed up to the scene. Officers then stripped Griffin of his clothes and found a plastic bag with 71 suboxone strips in his underwear.

Officers then transported Griffin to the jail. On the way there, Griffin laid down in the back seat of the patrol car and started kicking the driver’s side rear door window. The officer pulled over and placed Griffin on the ground. According to the police report, Griffin continued to fight the officers. An off-duty officer saw the fight and pulled over to help.

While trying to get Griffin back into the cruiser, he took off running into on-coming traffic on the Snow’s Cut Bridge. Moments later, they were able to place Griffin back on the ground and that’s when he attempted to bite one of the officers. While walking him back to the car, Griffin tried to lunge toward the railings of the bridge, but officers were able to grab him.

Griffin then asked one of the officers, “Are you ready for this?” and continued to fight and resist the officers.

Griffin placed his feet against the cage of the patrol car and forced himself against the seat in an attempt to keep officers from shackling him. One of the officers placed his finger in the pressure point underneath the jaw to gain compliance, but Griffin did not move. The officer then pulled his taser out and pointed it toward Griffin. He informed Griffin he would use it if he continued to fight.

Griffin complied and was later shackled and placed in a belly chain. Officers put the seat belt on him but Griffin managed to unbuckle it before they could close the door.

A sergeant on scene followed the patrol car to the jail so Griffin could be booked. Griffin reportedly tried to escape from the car the entire ride to the jail.

One of the officers experienced pain in his left index finger. He received a medical evaluation and was diagnosed with a sprained finger.

Griffin is facing a number of drug charges and assault by strangulation for the initial domestic disturbance call.

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