Brutal beating death of NC mom remains unsolved

FAIRMONT, N.C. (WNCN) – A Robeson County family said it has been a nightmare since the brutal murder of their 66-year-old mom in August.

Patricia Dawn Hill was found dead in her Fairmont home Aug. 24. Officials said her death was caused by injuries to her head, but she also suffered “extensive burns,” officials say.

Hill’s killer has not been caught.

“The people that hurt momma still walk these streets to hurt someone else’s momma,” said Patricia Hill’s daughter, Katrina Rogers.

Officials said an intruder broke into the home, beat Patricia Hill and set her body on fire. Officials said Hill died of blunt force trauma to the head. Seventy percent of her body was burned.

An autopsy performed on Hill revealed she was not alive at the time of the fire.

Patricia Hill’s son John was the first to see his mom after the attack.

“If you can take an enemy and dream up the worst possible thing done to them that was done to our momma,” said John Hill.

The call on Aug. 24 initially came in as a HAZMAT situation.
The call on Aug. 24 initially came in as a HAZMAT situation.

The call on Aug. 24 initially came in as a HAZMAT situation and as authorities first entered the home, crews were met with a strong chemical odor at the door.

Five people at the scene were then taken to Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Lumberton where they were decontaminated, treated and later released.

Robeson County’s sheriff said they’re doing everything possible to prevent the case from going cold

“We spend as much time on this case just as we do on any case we have ongoing,” said Sheriff Kenneth Sealey.

The Hill family is well known throughout Fairmont as Patricia Hill’s husband, Ben, was a former town manager and she ran a beauty salon at a building adjacent to her home.

“She always stood on her own two feet and that’s a drive she instilled in us as well,” John Hill said.

Investigators found various evidence at the scene and are awaiting results from the crime lab.

Meanwhile, Hill’s family has distributed more than 1,000 flyers throughout the community, offering $5,000 leading to an arrest and conviction.

“It could turn out to be the lead the sheriff dept needs,” said Katrina Rogers said.


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