Evidence expert testifies in murder trial involving North Hills mom

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The trial of Travion Smithfor the murder of Melissa Huggins-Jones in Raleigh’s North Hills area continued Thursday, with a witness from the state laboratory describing some of the evidence.

Mackenzie DeHaan of the North Carolina Department of Justice said no DNA from any of the three suspects in the case was found when swabs were done of the Huggins-Jones’ purse, iPhone or her daughter’s bedroom.

But DeHaan did testify that blood found on the door to the daughter’s bedroom was that of Huggins-Jones.

Smith has denied to detectives that he was in the apartment the night Huggins-Jones was murdered.

An expert witness said she found no prints of any suspects at the murder scene or in the burglarized leasing office beneath Huggins-Jones’ apartment.

Another expert showed a pair of Smith’s shoes, and said there was a “limited match” for his shoe on the dryer vent. She said getting footwear impressions from carpet is hard, especially if the rug is new and the rug fibers are stiff.

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