100+ year-old historic home moved through downtown Raleigh

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A 106-year-old historic home was moved to a new location in Raleigh on Saturday.

The move of the two-story home from North Harrington Street to New Bern Avenue began Saturday morning.

The house, known as the “Levin-Tarlton House,” was located at 208 N. Harrington Street.

The 1660-square-foot home was possibly built in 1910 and as recently as 1995 was being used as a rooming house, according to Wake County public records.

Dozens of people lined the route of the house moving on Saturday — many stopping to take photos.

“You don’t see it every day obviously but it is always just fascinating to watch the mechanics of it,” said Tom Walton, who was watching the house move.

“I think it’s great they are saving an old home finding a new place for it and we’ve seen great examples of where they done beautiful with these homes,” he added.

The Levin-Tarlton House was built for Jewish immigrants Julius and Martha Levin in 1914, according to Capital Area Preservation, which conflicts with the 1910 date from Wake County records.

Most recently, the home was being used as a leasing office for apartments that were under construction across the street.

The house, which was moved about 1 mile on Saturday to 414 New Bern Avenue, sold for $42,000 in June 2001 — before it was remodeled in 2002.

That remodeling, by W. Sam Tarlton, added a second bath and central air and heating, among other things, records show.

Tarlton won Capital Area Preservation’s Anthemion Award for the remodeling in 2002.

Described as “a well-proportioned Greek Revival,” the home before the move was valued at $130,391, according to Wake County tax records.

However, it sold in late January for $725,000, according to Realtor.com.

Capital Area Preservation purchased the new location lot from the City of Raleigh on January 12 and then resold the property to New Bern Avenue, LLC with a historic preservation easement and rehabilitation agreement protecting both the site and the newly relocated Levin-Tarlton House, Capital Area Preservation said.

The home was owned by several different folks over the past 100 years with Former NC Secretary of State Thad Eure possibly among the most notable.

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