Chapel Hill HS students take trips to volcano, outer space thanks to technology

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – Some Chapel Hill students visited a volcano, a coral reef and even the moon on Monday – using virtual reality technology, of course.

Believe it or not, the students traveled across the globe and into outer space using a cell phone inside a cardboard box.

Google brought the “Expedition” program to Chapel Hill High School today. The students hold up the box to their face and the images move as the students move their heads around so it gives them a 360 degree view of what they’re looking at.

“It’s really neat to see something that I normally wouldn’t be able to see in that kind of view. It feels a lot more like you’re there than just looking at a picture of it,” said Evan Waldron, a junior at the school.

The reason for program isn’t just to have fun, said Daniel Curry-Corcoran, chief technology officer at Chapel Hill High School.

“I guess one of the things we’d like to make sure the kids are taking away from this is just the opportunities of expanding their horizons of what education is.”

Students gave a Google representative some feedback on what places they’d like to see and how the technology worked for them.

One teacher said that with budgets as tight as they are, it’s a high tech way to get in field trips to locations they might never get to experience.

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