SC teacher resigns after nude pic from her phone spread throughout school

Leigh Anne Arthur

UNION, S.C. (WSPA) — Leigh Anne Arthur, a teacher at the Union County Career & Technology Center has resigned after a nude photo of her was spread through the school, says the district’s interim superintendent.

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The district said Arthur had nude photos of herself on her phone and a student took her phone while she was out of the room. The student then took photos of the nude images.

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The student then shared the photo throughout the school.

The district became of aware of the incident last Monday and she resigned on Tuesday, according to the district.

Arthur reached out to WSPA after seeing the story and told her side of the story.

She said the week of Valentine’s Day, she had some pictures in a gallery on her cell phone that were intended for her husband.

She said she left her cell phone on her desk to go out and be a hall monitor between classes.

In that time, a five minute span, a student took pictures of her phone from his phone and shared them “with anyone in class who wanted them”.

She said the kid then said at the end of class, “your day of reckoning is coming.”

Later, she was told what had happened and checked with the student’s parents who she said were 100 percent on her side.

The student went to principal and admitted to taking the photos. Two witnesses also went to the principal.

The principal asked for her resignation the next Tuesday, Arthur said.

The district told her there was no policy about “inappropriate material on her cell phone” but they were firing her for that reason.

Arthur said she was also in trouble for “making her phone easily accessible.”

She made a police report and the students phone is now in possession of Union County Sheriff’s Office.

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