AG Cooper: No need to overturn Charlotte transgender restroom ordinance


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina’s attorney general says he doesn’t see a need for the state legislature to overturn a provision in Charlotte’s new nondiscrimination ordinance designed to ensure transgender people can use the restroom of their gender identity.

Attorney General Roy Cooper is a Democratic gubernatorial candidate who wants to replace Republican Gov. Pat McCrory. McCrory says legislators should repeal the provision. He cites safety issues and the right to privacy when using restrooms.

Cooper told reporters Tuesday that the legislature should focus on education, job creation and taxes when it reconvenes in late April.

“This is the issue that the governor wants to talk about and bring before the General Assembly? I don’t think so. I think we need to be working on priorities that help North Carolina families,” Cooper said.

He also says the ordinance doesn’t change the ability of prosecutors and investigators to enforce North Carolina criminal laws.

Critics of the provision say sexual predators could manipulate the ordinance to assault women and children.

Gov. McCrory’s campaign manager responded by saying, “In supporting a radical special interest plan to open bathrooms and locker rooms to the opposite sex, Roy Cooper is failing families and children across North Carolina.”

WNCN contributed to this story.

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