Raleigh City Council approves no-parking zone near Fairgrounds

The Raleigh City Council approved a no-parking zone in this area between Blue Ridge road and the U.S. 64 beltline.

The Raleigh City Council took up several issues Tuesday related to zoning, including the approval of a no-parking zone near the North Carolina State Fairgrounds.

City officials said that medical students from N.C. State have been parking along the eastbound side of Hillsborough Street, between Blue Ridge Road and the U.S. 64 beltline and it’s creating a safety hazard when they walk across traffic to get to campus.

The City Council also took up the issue of parking on Saint Albans Drive, west of the intersection with Cardinal at North Hills Street. The problem, city officials said, is that the parking lane narrows and parked cars are encroaching into the eastbound travel lane. The Council voted to postpone any action until its March 15 meeting.

The Council set a public hearing for April 5 to get input into a proposal to change Hillsborough and Rosemary Streets into a mixed-use zone. That would allow taller buildings and more extensive residential use than is currently allowed. The land is now classified as a business and industrial zone.

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