Raleigh woman’s magnetic tech clothing line goes international

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – It’s been nearly three years since WNCN introduced viewers to Maura Horton, inventor of the “MagnaReady” shirt, and at that time she was simply trying to help with her husband’s morning routine.

Her shirt is now being sold internationally, and she just signed a deal with Tommy Hilfiger and major retailers.

“One day in a locker room he was stuck, unable to button his shirt, and a player by the name of Russell Wilson – Don was a career college football coach – went over and buttoned his shirt,” Horton said.

Maura Horton with a MagnaReady shirt.

The MagnaReady is an invention born out of necessity. When former N.C. State football coach Don Horton was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, his wife launched the brand in 2013 with one shirt and two colors.

How does it work?

“It’s a hidden magnetically infused technology. It’s hidden into a placket and it just simply closes,” Horton said. “It’s great. It’s just boom boom boom, you’re done in about 30 seconds.”

There are more than 28 different styles in colors.

“We partner now with Phillip Van Huesen, which is the largest shirt manufacturer in the world, which is really exciting, they’re going to be rolling it out [this year],” Horton said.

And Magna-Ready has already partnered with a non-profit called Runway of Dreams to create an adaptive-clothing line for children.

The clothes for kids with special needs, dexterity issues, or who use wheelchairs are featured on Tommy Hilfiger’s website.

“We like to say to date we’ve helped over 20,000 people,” said Horton. “It’s kind of humbling and it’s also a large social responsibility to make sure it is done in a dignified manner.”

MagnaReady also makes “zipper ties” and shirts for women, as well as men and children.

Up next for Horton? Sleepwear.

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