Shipping address mistake leads to couple’s arrest for credit card fraud

CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) – It’s a crime that’s tough to prosecute because the bad guys know how to stay one step ahead of law enforcement. But a stupid mistake tripped up a pair of accused credit card cloners.

The couple have expensive tastes. They bought Versace, items from the Sunglass Hut, Xbox products and more. And they bought it all with credit cards containing cloned data, police say.

“This was part of an organized credit card fraud ring. We don’t have everyone identified but we did have that we were able to locate and put charges on,” Detective Lesa Phillips of the Clearwater Police Department said.

Detective Phillips said these cases are tough to crack, but in this instance things were different. The suspects made a mistake, she said.

All the cards fell into place. “Instead of it arriving at a FedEx location, it arrived at a Toys “R” Us, Phillips said.

A FedEx mail drop is a common pickup location for these scammers. But these Miami-based crooks sent the cloned cards to Toys “R” Us, and employees became suspicious, police say.

When Marlon Gonzalez-Diaz and Jessica Llacer-Reyes came by to pick the cards up, police were waiting.

Besides a hall of loot, officers found 42 credit cards and fake IDs.

“They looked pretty convincing to a cashier or anyone who is not really scrutinizing them for one specific reason,” Phillips said.

The sad thing is the real owners of the credit card numbers have no idea their good credit is being used to make the purchases.

The arrests at the Toys “R” Us parking lot could lead to much more than is known right now. These arrests could solve cases across Florida.

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