Child and toddlers crash SUV during joyride as mom sleeps

ENID, OK (KFOR/CNN) — Frightening moments for an Oklahoma mother to wake up and find her three children gone.

Police say the kids, the oldest just 6-years-old, took the family SUV out on a joyride, all while mom was taking a nap.

Toddlers behind the wheel of a runaway car may sound like a bad movie pitch. Instead, a frightening reality for one Enid mom. Her three children, two 3-year-old toddlers and a 6-year-old, driving the family car while mother sleeps.

“The mother had informed the officers that the children were taking a nap, so she took a nap. So it’s apparent they obviously woke up and got into a little mischief,” said Capt. Jack Morris of the Enid Police Department.

The joyride described in police reports. Authorities believe the three kids drove the 2002 Chevrolet Suburban, in reverse, before slamming into an Impala.

That driver tells police that the kids were clustered in the front seat.

“It had the potential to be very dangerous. And once again fortunately nobody got hurt,” Morris said.

The mother said the kids nabbed a hideaway key, and the whole thing was an accident. But she didn’t wish to speak on camera given that DHS is now involved.

“The Department of Human Services will be called out on that, they’ll do that investigation. They’ll look at if they’ve had a past record, anything before,” Morris said.

Enid police are now telling parents to educate their children. And more importantly keep your car keys out of sight.

“You teach your kids no in a lot of things: Don’t stick your fingers in the light sockets, don’t do these type of things. Well, you can do the same thing with your vehicle and your keys. And let them know that is something they never touch,” Morris said.

The mother says she has now taught her kids more about car safety, and simply wants to put the incident behind her.

Copyright 2016 KFOR via CNN. All rights reserved.

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