Students camp out in ‘Krzyzewskiville’ ahead of Duke-UNC for 30th year

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Duke takes on Carolina for the second time this season, this time at Cameron Indoor Stadium, and as they have for 30 years, some students have been camping out for the game since January.

Tip-off is at 6:30 p.m. and few people are anticipating tip-off more than those who have been living in “Krzyzewskiville,” or K-ville for short. It’s not an easy thing, sleeping out in a tent waiting for a basketball game.

“The sleeping experience is pretty rough,” said Duke sophomore Michael Kusnaerek.

Some Duke students are pros when it comes to camping for the UNC game.

Senior Michael Pelle said he’s “a K-ville veteran.”

For others, move-in day was Wednesday. One student said, “This is the first time we did it. No one gave us any tips.”

Pelle gave North Carolina News’ Lauren Haviland a tour of his “home” – including his living quarters (without a TV) and the sleeping quarters, where some fellow students could be seen “enjoying the amenities.”

Sophomore Lauren Katz said the living situation is “comfortable enough.”

Some quickly realized sleeping on a tarp wasn’t going to cut it. Kusnaerek said he brought his dorm-room futon.

“I think this kind of revolutionized the game for me. I could probably be out here a lot longer than three days. I think the futon is definitely a quality investment,” he said.

K-ville isn’t just a tradition on campus – it’s an experience that many feel drawn to.

“This is a Duke experience I really wanted to have,” said Duke sophomore Nikki Talerman.

“I don’t really think I understood the rivalry until coming here,” said sophomore Laynie Kirsh. “But it’s like huge, and so exciting.”

“It’s about the bonding, too,” Pelle said. “You spend two or three days outside with a bunch of people, braving the elements, you’re going to get close to them.”

These Cameron Crazies are hoping to be among the 9,314 to watch Saturday evening’s game from inside.

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